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Why Choose Us?

Because it greatly saves development costs, only GreaterWMS can

Precise Management

One product, one code, the goods can be traced, the location can be traced, and the inventory can be managed accurately

Agile development

One million API can easily realize the system integration of any enterprise cargo management

Upstream And Downstream

Improve the connection between upstream and downstream, realize the connection between upstream and downstream, and help enterprises grow


Monthly Downloads


Daily Deployment


Business Users


Total Users

Efficiency Monitoring

How the system monitors employee productivity

The cargo code has a unique identification, and the operations of each employee will be recorded in detail, and the work efficiency of the employees will be reviewed according to the API

Employee Permissions

According to employee permissions, the operation restrictions of employees can be restricted

Scan Record

Scan task system, any scan will be traced back to people

Upstream and downstream connection

Open up the upstream and downstream, so that the overall business of the enterprise is smoother



Suppliers can place orders directly through the system to complete business content such as VMI and Milk Run



Enterprises lead upstream and downstream, become the center of the entire supply chain, and speed up the turnover of goods



The management of the warehouse implements the uniqueness of the goods, which plays a vital role in the flow of the overall goods



Accelerate communication between customers and enterprises, increase customer service satisfaction, and speed up order efficiency

Report Function

Powerful API, which can realize any kind of report combination

Official API

For all fields, the official has written developer documentation to facilitate rapid development

System Expansion

The back end of the system uses Python, which can facilitate more expansion function modules

Application Scenarios

Goods management applicable to various finished product management links

SaaS Service

Suitable and deployed as a cloud service, allowing users to use it directly


Trading Company

Good for trading companies as a cargo management system for customer management and supplier integration


Cross-Border Trade

It is suitable for cross-border trade companies to conduct cross-border remote management