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Android Environment

Node version requirements

node v14.19.3

App source code folder

cd app

Install JDK1.8

Download Link:

  • Just keep on next

Installing the Cordova plugin

  npm install - g cordova

Install the Android Studio software

The download address is:

  • Always next, the first time you run it, you need to install the SDK, you can choose all

  • Open Android Studio, click project on the right - More Actions - SDK Manager - SDK Platforms, select Hide Obsolete Packages below

  • Switch to SDK-TOOLS, select the one shown in the picture

  • Then select Show Package Details on the right, must select version 30, click Apply, wait for the download to complete, and then click OK

Download Gradle

  • and unzip it to another path after the download is complete

The download link is

Environment variable configuration

  • Create a system environment variable JAVA_HOME: the JDK installation path, the default path is as shown in the figure

  • Create a system environment variable Gradle: the unzipped path of in the previous step

  • Create system environment variables ANDROID_HOME and ANDROID_SDK_ROOT: for the installation path of the Android SDK

Edit the environment variable PATH and add as below

Verify that the Android environment is configured

    cordova requirements
  • Check the environment by typing cordova requirements, if successful as below:

Installing the front-end environment

yarn install

Initialize environment

Connect your phone or PDA to your computer via USB

Turn USB Debug

Turn on USB Debug menu on the mobile phone or pda, and connect to the computer. Select MTP or PTP mode to turn on USB Debug menu on the mobile phone or pda. The method of turning on USB Debug menu can be studied by yourself.

Each brand is different, and connected to the computer.

  • Modify app/src/store/settings/state.js in the project directory

Modify the value of server to your domain address

  quasar d - m cordova - T android

Android Http request

  • If you want use http not https

  • add follow code to here