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Warehouse Interconnection

1. Brief introduction

Wancang Internet is a concept based on sharing idle space for others to use. You can publish an area that you temporarily cannot use on our software, so that others can see it and contact you to store their goods, You can charge a certain fee.

2. Create a shared warehouse and publish

By downloading the LAN usage version or deploying the open source version, you can enter the warehouse management and see the warehouse information


There are several buttons under the operation column, 1 for editing warehouse information, 2 for publishing warehouse information, and 3 for retrieving published warehouses 1 is the editing warehouse

Click the edit button to display the following page

You can enter the warehouse name/city/address you want to share, as well as your personal contact information, and then click the tick button on the right to save it

2. Publish warehouse information

When publishing, please click the second button on the above page to publish the warehouse


After clicking, the following prompt will pop up


This is for you to enter the area of your warehouse, or you can enter a description information

3. View published warehouses


Click on the WareHost Interconnect button on the left to view your own published warehouse information, as well as other users' published warehouses

4. Recall the published warehouse

When you do not want to share your warehouse for some reason, you can click the following button under warehouse management to retrieve the warehouse you have shared.


If you really don't want to share your warehouse anymore, you won't be able to see your warehouse on Wancang Internet after being prompted for success