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🌟 About the Project

This Inventory management system is the currently Ford Asia Pacific after-sales logistics warehousing supply chain process. After I leave Ford, I start this project in order to help some who need it. OneAPP Type. Support scanner PDA, mobile APP, desktop exe, website as well.

🎯 Function

  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Scanner PDA
  • Cycle Count
  • Order Management
  • Stock Control
  • Safety Stock Show
  • API Documents
  • IOS APP Support
  • Android APP Support
  • Electron APP Support
  • Auto Update
  • i18n Support
  • API Documents

🧭 Install

Python install - python 3.8.10

Nodejs install - nodejs 14.19.3

Clone Project

git clone

Backend Environment

cd GreaterWMS/
pip install -r requirements.txt

Frontend Environment

npm install -g @quasar/cli
npm install -g yarn
cd templates/
yarn install

DataBase Migrate

cd GreaterWMS/
python makemigrations
python migrate


cd GreaterWMS/
docker-compose up -d
# Change Baseurl
# baseurl GreaterWMS/templates/public/statics/baseurl.txt
docker-compose restart

Windows X64

Centos 7

Ubuntu 20

🛠 How To Run Development Server:

  • Run Backend:

    cd GreaterWMS
    daphne -b 8008 greaterwms.asgi:application
    daphne -b -p 8008 greaterwms.asgi:application # Lan

  • Run Frontend:

    cd templates
    quasar d # http://localhost:8080
    quasar dev # http://localhost:8080

  • Change Request Baseurl


  • Companion Mobile APP

GreaterWMS is supported by a companion mobile app which allows users access to run the business well. It can scan the goods by your camera or your PDA scanner.



Download Android installer tools


App store search

Split APKs Installer

Directly download installer tools


  • Open Sai APP, choose GWMS.apks then install

🎺 How To Publish:

  • Web Build:
cd templates
quasar build # /templates/dist/spa

💻 How To Deploy Server:

Supervisor Process Guarded

Nginx Config

If the server has SSL enabled, please use HTTPS and WSS, if SSL is not enabled, use HTTP and WS

The front-end code needs to be rebuilt after modification.

If you use GreaterWMS and find it to be useful, please consider making a donation toward its continued development.

Donate via PayPal


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