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IOS Environment


  ## Login your app developer account first

  ## after unzip , change the app name to and copy it to /Application folder
  mv /Users/{your mac name}/Applications

Download plugin

  ## enter templates/src-cordovan
  cordova requirements

Install ios-deploy

  brew install ios-deploy

Install CocoaPods

  sudo gem install cocoapods

Build IOS Platform

    ## src-cordova ios platform
cordova platform ios


  • Use Xcode to open templates/src-cordova/platforms/ios
  • add your apple developer ID in

Register your apple device to apple developer web


The device added here refers to the tested Apple phone, and the Mac will automatically add it after using XCode to bind the device. Binding the device requires knowing the device's UDID in advance

ADD Apple ID



If the team on this interface does not have a certificate at this time, you can click on the Download Manual Profile below to download it

Developer Certificate Download


  • Select the developer certificate we just downloaded from the team in the project, and select a similar certificate from Apple Development for the Signing Certificate


  • After all the above preparations are ready, enter Xcode and select our testing equipment from Devices


Complete All

  • There is a play like button above Xcode, click it to complete the installation of IOS package into the current testing Apple phone


Note: When the terminal displays the following information, it indicates that the IOS application is running on the Apple phone:


2021-10-30 10:02:31.694411+0800 GreaterWMS--Open Source Warehouse Management System[436:12140] [Snapshotting] Snapshotting a view (0x10702d600, UIKeyboardImpl) that has not been rendered at least once requires afterScreenUpdates:YES.

  • Finshed running XXXXXX on device name will also be displayed above Xcode