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Please Don't Do That

  • The fundamental of open source software is to make things that everyone can use, not to make software suitable for this industry for a specific link and scenario.

GreaterWMS Message

  • Don't just think of GreaterWMS as a warehouse management software, the integration logic of GreaterWMS is a whole line of supply chain, source supplier → enterprise → warehouse → transportation → customer sign.

  • GreaterWMS only does the core content of cargo management and control, it is only a framework thing, don't think that it can directly cater to the business of the enterprise, and deal with different aspects of the business of the enterprise, the process and the flow of goods are different, so only do the core bottom layer.

  • Some users will propose to add various functions suitable for their own use. This is selfish and wrong, and at the same time, it will increase the pressure on the GreaterWMS open source community. The purpose of open source software itself is to allow more people to use it, rather than being fixed in a specific link.

  • GreaterWMS itself already has a multi-mode custom API mode. Through the API, the transformation of various enterprise business scenarios can be completed within a week, so try to transform yourself as much as possible.

  • Personal learning is unlimited, and you need to purchase a commercial license for commercial use.