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I have worked in the supply chain industry for 15 years and found that in our professional field, there is no software with a high degree of freedom and customization to deeply support our business. Most software is closed source, and it is difficult to do secondary development. Even if it is developed, the cycle is very long, and there are many cases of development failure. Since an enterprise chooses a software, its secondary development will also be bound by the development company. As for the secondary development cost, there is no room for bargaining. Therefore, I designed this GreaterWMS, in order to achieve a high degree of freedom, high custom development of warehouse management software, to deeply support the business of enterprises.

Vision: If you are working in a non-IT industry and you love your industry, then use technology to change it.

Elvis Shi, Sunday, June 26, 2016

Like most open source products, GreaterWMS cannot do this alone. We rely on sponsors, advocates and supporters to keep growing. When GreaterWSM starts to bring you some business stability, take into account the tens of thousands of hours it was created and give some money back to the team that created it. Finally, if your company relies on GreaterWMS, the best way to ensure GreaterWMS continues to serve you is to invest in it to keep it going!

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