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Warehouse Automation Software Solutions

Intralogistics processes are becoming increasingly complex. In manual, automated and fully automated warehouses, countless processes must be monitored, observed and optimized, so expertise is required. As a professional logistics system provider, We provide professional consulting advice for your warehousing project, and work with your project team to build a warehouse automation software solution that meets your project needs.

* Warehouse Control System (WCS)

  • Visualization SCADA
  • Navigation & Control based on Driverless Technology (In-plant Logistics Solutions)
  • Intralogistics Equipment Partner List...
  • Case Overview


Warehouse Control System (WCS)

WCS system is a layer of management and control system between WMS system and equipments PLC system, through the control and scheduling of PLC and single-chip microcomputer of various equipment in the automated warehouse. Through the integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of various logistics equipment system interfaces. Such as stackers, conveyors, four-way shuttle robots, AGV, AMR, Hoists, depalletizers, sensors and scanners etc., as well as timely alarms and emergency treatment in case of abnormalities, so as to maintain the throughput of the entire warehouse automation system.

System Overview


Clothoidy's technical team members have extensive experience in the logistics automation industry, and they come from the software development engineer team of the top three companies in the logistics automation industry. So let us know your logistics automation ideas or concerns, Our WCS expert can be easily tailored to deliver a solution that best fits into your functional and performance requirements and your existing IT architecture.

Key Points and Processes for Warehouse Automation Projects

  • Partnership built in trust and expertise > Because software is the beating heart of your supply chain solution, your software partner must be able to solve your technical and business challenges. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle.

    Our technical experts' first priority is making your implementations run smoothly. We work in partnership with your teams to ensure that every stage of the process is managed effectively.

    We draw upon decades of experience to deliver complex software solutions that transform supply chains. Using the latest research and development, we work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets.

  • Real-time and data-driven approach > Using the latest research and development, We work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets.

    The result is a purpose-built, flexible, and scalable software solution that makes the best use of your space, labour, and equipment to get your orders out accurately, on-time, and on-budget.

  • Seamless implementation >Introducing any new software into a live supply chain can be daunting, especially when your top priority is limiting the implementation’s impact on day-to-day operations. Other key considerations include the potential impact on your staff and how long implementation will take.

    Using a simple project execution procedure that starts with research and development and completes with implementation, Dematic uses these four key stages on every project:

    Stage 1 – Design: We’ll review your system requirements and capabilities to provide our technical teams with a detailed analysis of your operations, including software functionality and host specifications. This ensures that your new software improves your systems without interrupting your processes.

    Stage 2 – Develop: Using this detailed analysis, our technical teams design the software package. Next, we marry the software with key components (deliverables that form part of the end system requirements), which we further test before heading into stage 3.

    Stage 3 – Test or QA: We take the newly- built software solution and integrate it into your system. We continue to perform tests to ensure that the new system is accepted and running at optimal performance. At this stage, our team does all it can to minimise internal efforts and stress on your team.

    Stage 4 – Deploy: We ensure the system operates when running at and above peak conditions to guarantee operations when demand rises. We continue to provide support through deployment and after signoff. The key objective at this stage is to safeguard against interruptions to your ongoing operations.

  • Reliable 24/7 customer service >Our software support team is ready when you need us — 24/7, 365 days a year. Our qualified technicians are available to answer your software questions regarding:

    Problem Solving (Emergency or Otherwise) Operation Advice Scheduling Onsite Resources ...and More!

Visualization SCADA

SCADA subsystems visualize your entire equipment, including material flow, analyze performance-critical data, and provide multiple options for monitoring and control. With dashboards that can be adapted to different user groups, operational data from a technical and logistics perspective is unified, while being highly connected to existing systems.

SCADA_viewer SCADA_Monitor

Suitable for a variety of industries and various application scenarios Fast, flexible deployment without site modifications Manned unmanned core technology, safe and reliable Strong load capacity, can operate around the clock, long distance Systematic integration solution to support customized development Full lifecycle O&M support services

  • Provide driverless domain controllers, software systems
  • Assistance with customer vehicle modification - optional package
  • Field installation and implementation - optional package


Intralogistics Equipment Partner List...

At present, our WCS system covers most of the equipment types of major intralogistics suppliers. For example, Storage Systems (SRM, MiniLoad AS/RS, Shuttles, etc.), Transport Systems(AGV, AMR, ACR,Conveyors and Sorters). Picking Systems (goods-to-person picking, PTL and etc.)


Welcome your inquiry and our [WCS]( will inform you of more details based on the information you provided.

Case Overview

SAIC-GM-Wuling plant uses our solutions for 100+ driverless logistics vehicles case1