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Why Donate

GreaterWMS is an APLv2 licensed

open source project maintained by Elvis Shi and his team and a community of open source contributors. We create new features, fix bugs, and maintain GreaterWMS on behalf of the community so you can continue to develop your own projects. We're working hard to shape the future of the warehouse management ecosystem, writing code once and deploying it as a web app, mobile app, and/or Electron app.

Like most open source products, GreaterWMS cannot do this alone. We rely on sponsors, advocates and supporters to keep growing. When GreaterWMS starts to bring you some enterprise business stability, take into account the tens of thousands of hours it was created and give some money back to the team that created it. Finally, if your company relies on GreaterWMS, the best way to ensure GreaterWMS continues to serve you is to invest in it to keep it going!

Our manifesto

  • The dream of open source is a noble cause that allows the community to grow and the code to be nurtured. Based on the philosophy of free and open source, GreaterWMS is committed to the principles of Good Labs.

  • GreaterWMS is always free and open source, it's a self-governing place where everyone who follows the rules of the community is invited and encouraged to participate.

Participation is a form of collaborative appreciation

  • A lot of open source projects, like GreaterWMS and Vue.js, are developed by people who work on behalf of their communities on their own time, with no need for financial compensation. This "code ownership" is actually a very important issue as the owner decides how to go further.

  • So who are these people? They, like you, needed a certain feature and found an open source solution like GreaterWMS. They are the people who use the software and decide to contribute by helping to improve it.

  • Maybe they are passionate about coding and want the project to use their talents. There are many reasons to engage in a community around an open source project. But most people have one thing in common:

  • They find free time in their busy schedules of work, family and commitment to get involved because it makes them feel like they can be part of a larger cause (more than an individual).

  • To give you some perspective, the lead developer and core maintainer of GreaterWMS Elvis Shi in the development phase of 1.0.0-alpha.1 to 1.0.0-rc.1 Spent over 5000 hours. During this time he logged over 3000 commits and added 400,000 lines of code.

  • The rest of the team and all staff communicating the support line and fixing the code remain (as of March 2021) working countless hours as unpaid volunteers. They are becoming increasingly accountable to project units and are a valuable resource for the communities we must protect.

Financial sponsorship to guarantee maintenance

  • Nothing is certain, except that "node_modules" is still the heaviest thing in the universe, and at some point will need regular financial support to guarantee the maintenance of large open source projects. References.

  • Now that GreaterWMS is at this point, your support will make a difference.

  • If your business relies on open source, you can hedge the risk of it disappearing with financial support so you can rest assured that the software will continue to be available to you.

  • Contrary to long-term licensing contracts for proprietary software, this model works because you encourage innovation, help the next generation of developers grow, and implicitly authorize to participate in discussions about the features you need and the problems you find.

  • If open source is financially viable for those developing the project, more people will get involved. If these developers can earn enough income to support themselves, they are more likely to stay involved.

  • Financial support for open source literally means that the person developing the project has another reason to stick with it.

  • Many promising open source projects turn into "abandoned software" because the original developers have lost momentum. The maintenance phase is actually where many open source projects die. Money is a great community feedback that says "Keep it up and keep maintaining this project! We need you!!!"

What do you get from it

  • If you support open source, you will be part of the community. It's a large community, but often tight-knit. Your support shows that you believe in community, which makes you part of the family. If enough financial support comes together, it could also mean that core developers and maintainers can work full-time without needing to work elsewhere. This in turn promotes an environment where they are able to process fixes and requests faster than they would on a "hobby" basis.

  • So maybe you're a business that uses open source software to give yourself a competitive advantage, increase profits, or simply solve problems that other software can't. Maybe you're an individual using open source solutions and you can't afford expensive enterprise software. Like this example.

  • Or you realize that millions of lines of code are lines you don't have to write, just thanks for the effort behind it.

  • Whatever open source software you use, think about the people who have spent a long time developing it and getting it to work for you.

  • Even a small donation can have a huge impact on them, especially since it means someone will be very grateful to them and let them know.