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Why GreaterWMS

Only GreaterWMS Can

  • Backend is based on Python
  • Front end is based on Vue.js
  • Starting from the flow of goods, giving the traceability of goods
  • Covering the entire supply chain circulation
  • Speed ​​up coordination between suppliers, factories, warehouses, shipping, customers
  • Out-of-the-box responsiveness for desktop and mobile and scanning devices
  • By tightly integrating with our own underlying core, for each construction mode, we can respond more quickly to the business domain of the enterprise
  • This is the framework that focuses most on freedom and ease of use
  • We have a great community with a regular release cycle including new features
  • Get quick fixes and listen to community requests

GreaterWMS is

the first solution based on cargo supply chain management and control, whether you are only building invoicing, warehouse management systems, or empowering IoT, as well as ERP and distribution system extensions, or all of them.

Worried about being bloated? Not so. If you just want to build a warehouse management system, GreaterWMS will only build a code required for the core cargo control of the supply chain, and nothing else.

What is GreaterWMS?

GreaterWMS is an APLv2-licensed Python-based open source framework that allows you as a web developer to quickly create many types of enterprise real-world business management systems:

  • SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  • Build mobile apps (Android, iOS…) with Cordova
  • Multiplatform desktop application (using Electron)

The goal of GreaterWMS is

write code once and deploy it as a website, mobile app, and/or Electron app at the same time. Yes, all of these applications use a single code base that helps you develop applications in the shortest time possible by using a state-of-the-art CLI complemented by well-written ones.

When using GreaterWMS, you don't need extra heavy components like Odoo. It covers these requirements internally, and all of them are presented in the form of API, with high response efficiency and small footprint!

Why use GreaterWMS?

Due to its simplicity and power out of the box, GreaterWMS's API is rich in customization, all designed to make your developer's life easier.

spiritual food

GreaterWMS looks to the future, setting its own high and modern standards. Yes, in order for more businesses to realize the importance of cargo management, we need to break the current status quo. Otherwise, we will continue to manage our goods in Excel, handwritten bookkeeping today, because many companies pay far less attention to the management of goods than to marketing their products. Most businesses, being used to an existing process at this point in time, doesn't mean it's the best solution or a "clear" solution, and GreaterWMS will never choose what we think is not the best way to high-quality work The best solution, not even for the money.

What we want to achieve with GreaterWMS is to raise the bar for web development as a whole. Let it move forward, evolve, change minds. Point out when there are better options.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of important aspects and features of GreaterWMS.

Full platform support

  • A set of web code that supports all platforms provides one authoritative source of code: responsive desktop/mobile website (SPA, SPA client), mobile app (looks native) and multi-platform desktop app (via Electron).

The most complete flow of goods

  • In GreaterWMS, the quantity of almost every cargo changes in real time. According to the change of the cargo, it can quickly respond to the business process link where the cargo is now. GreaterWMS is designed with the flow of goods in mind - so the overhead of using GreaterWMS is almost imperceptible. We are particularly proud of our corporate business support.

Best Practice Default Integration

  • GreaterWMS also aims to encourage developers to respond quickly to the needs of enterprise business development. To do this, GreaterWMS is full of great features out of the box.

App extension support

  • GreaterWMS application extension is an easy, back-end bottom layer is Django framework, you can easily create your own app, making GreaterWMS one of the most extensible and powerful frameworks - only limited by your imagination and innovation.

Unrivaled developer experience with GreaterWMS

We are very concerned about safety

  • We are always concerned about the security of GreaterWMS and the security of applications built with GreaterWMS. We're always on the lookout for any security threats you might need to know about.

Great growing community

  • When developers have problems they can't solve, they can visit the GreaterWMS community or our chat group. The community is here to help you. You also get special services as a supporter/sponsor and make sure GreaterWMS stays with you in the future!

Broad Platform Support

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, IE11/Edge, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, MacOS, Linux, Windows.

GreaterWMS Language Pack

  • GreaterWMS comes with 11 language packs out of the box. Best of all, if your language pack is missing, it only takes 5 minutes to add it.

excellent documentation

  • Finally, it's worth mentioning that it took a lot of time to write great, no-bloat, focused pages of full documentation so that developers could learn GreaterWMS quickly. We put special effort into the documentation to ensure there is no confusion.

Underlying technology

Python, Django, DRF, Vue, Node.js, Webpack, Cordova, Electron.

  • Apart from Python and Vue (it only takes half a day to learn and will change your life forever), you don't need to know other technologies. They are all integrated and configured in GreaterWMS.

Get started in less than a minute

  • With that said, let's get started! You'll have an enterprise application running in a minute.