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Win10 X64

Download python3.8.10

  ## (Example version X64)
  • Right click and run the exe file as an administrator to install Python 3.8.10
  • Be sure to check Add Python 3.8 To PATH and then click Install Now

Download sqlite3

  ## (Example version X64)
  • Unzip the zip file and overwrite the file in the Python path DLL with the address
  C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\DLLs

Download Node.JS 14.19.3

  ## (Example version X64)

Download Git

  ## (Example version X64)
  • Right click, run the exe file as an administrator, and then continue to the next step
  • Choose which directory you want to place GreaterWMS in, right-click, and select Git Bash Here

Download GreaterWMS

 git clone

Enter GreaterWMS

  ## cd GreaterWMS
  pip install -r requirements.txt

Back CMD

  ## Create Database
  python makemigrations
  python migrate

Run GreaterWMS Again

  daphne -p 8008 greaterwms.asgi:application
  • At this point, open the browser and enter
  • View the LAN IP, enter in the browser
  • Save or remember this IP address
  • Be sure to note that the internal IP obtained each time Windows starts is different. Either your router sets a fixed internal IP for this computer, or you should not turn off the computer

Back CMD

  ## enter templates folder
  cd templates
  npm install -g npm
  npm install -g yarn
  npm install -g @quasar/cli
  npm install -g core-js

Yarn Install

  yarn install
  • This process can be a bit slow, sometimes very fast, due to network issues being blocked
  • If an error occurs, it is due to network reasons that it has been blocked. We provide a downloaded front-end dependency and download it

Internal deploy

  ## templates/public/statics/baseurl.txt change to you internal ip
  http://{your internal ip}:8008

Re Build

  ## cd templates
  quasar build

Restart GreaterWMS

  ## back to GreaterWMS folder
  daphne -b -p 8008 greaterwms.asgi:application
  • Next, you can use your browser to access { http://{ internal IP }:8008 } to view the project
  • Computers on the local area network can also access projects through this IP address